Cleaner Node Wires idea

So ive seen this issue everywhere in tutorials i watch to my own projects and its to do with running a single wire from one set of nodes to another and having the wire run through the nodes making it hard to keep track of whats going on. Now there are someways around this like promoting to a variable or using a re route node but this doesn’t fix all problems.

A proposal of a potential fix to this would be a i guess for lack of a better name a “Portal” Node set. This node set would have 2 nodes a Portal Input and a Portal output. The Portal input would allow any wire or number of wires in be plugged in. Each input on the node would allow the option to be named with the only exception being the event wire which instead would just get numbered to signify its position in order of operations. Then for the Portal Output Node it would display the same info as its counter part portal node. As even more functionality say for adding in multiple Portal sets you could have each set simply named and numbered to tell the difference.

If implemented i think will clean up the node viewer and making things a lot easier to read while allowing those of us with OCD to have a nice, neat Blueprint script :slight_smile:

Hi TheWizardLord,

This is already possible via set/get variables as well as custom events. You can set a variable with information from one set of functions and utilize it in another, which could be controlled via a custom event that is called at the end of a function. This would prevent the mess and clean up many blueprints. Additionally, custom functions and macros are designed to help clean up many processes that are going to be called multiple times.