Clean up the Project

Hi folks :smiley:

i have started a blank project and at the beginning it had a size of approximately 1MB.
After 3 weeks of developing it has a size of 600MB.
Considering that in my project a have just a pawn with some controlling and 4 libraries with a few macros and functions. Nothing that would increase the project size very much.

What can i delete or how can i clean up my project to get a size that fits to what i have really created?

Thanks in advance

Kind regards

What kind of textures did you import? 3d Mesh’s?

I have no media data, just blueprint code :smiley:
The pawn works as a camera.

You probably imported the StarterContent which is ca. 623 MB big.

Check your Content folder for the StarterContent. You can delete it if you don’t use anything from it.

Hi, this post is a bit old, but thanks for the reply.

There is no starter content. I have found out that the backup files gettin bigger and bigger caused from autosaves.

What i did was simple. Just went to “Preferences>Saving and Loading” and unchecked the autosave functionality.

I know this is not the solution but for me it is good enough.

The project itself was just 5MB, but after a lot of autosaves, savings, it was so big.

Maybe there is a clean up function somewhere, deleting all the trash that accumulate during the time.

Well, if you find something like that, i can give you a thumbs up :slight_smile:
Currently have no time to discover such features.