Clean, Stackable mod tutorials?

There seriously seems to be a shortage of tutorials on clean, stackable mods. Especially those that include source files.

I want to make a custom armor mod that includes one or two pieces of custom armor pieces that gives admins infinite weight, Super speed, God mode, Invisibility, and infinitestats.
Anyone know of any GOOD tutorials on this subject?

All the mods I’ve tried making just don’t seem to work after cooking/uploading, but I can test them in the simulator just fine…

It sounds like you aren’t setting up your PrimalGameData properly. Make sure yours is a child of PrimalGameData in the PrimalEarth folder. Anything “clean” is really just a mod that doesn’t alter core files and doesn’t need load priority (such as editing player pawns)

The problem I think you may be having is that when you are in the editor you essentially are logged into the game as the admin, In order for said armour to work properly you would need to be logged into the game as admin in the game. Have you tried logging into the game as Admin? If that doesn’t work you would have to figure out how to get the permissions and ensure that your armour pieces are using those permissions that would be linked to the spawned character. The armour needs the Person wearing it to have admin access, the commands/abilities you are referencing are admin commands tied to administrator rights.

Thank you both. How would I go about adding player invisibility and infinite weight to a custom armor piece? I assume this would require some graph work?

Just do a buff. I’m guessing it’s Buff to Give Owner Character inside of the PrimalItem file, and I guess it’s “owned” when it’s equipped. In the buff you can edit it to display a message when the buff activates, so you can just use that message to determine when the buff is applied.

Ok, but is there a buff that enables god mode/invisibility? or would I have to create a custom buff somehow?

There isn’t, but it should be easy to create. Check under /PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Buffs to get some examples. To get started, create a child of Buff_Base and go from there. Alternatively, if you see one you like, you can copy that buff to your mod folder and it’ll retain its parent (Buff_Base)

FYI - Last time I tested it, “Buff to Give Owner Character inside of the PrimalItem file” ONLY works on consumables.
IE: It does NOT fire when armor is equipped, only eaten. So, unless you’re making edible armor, :stuck_out_tongue: that won’t work :frowning:
Solution - Look at how they add the buffs for scuba flippers and tank.

I took a look at the primalitem scuba flippers… and noticed it contains a graph. Is this alone what makes it work? bbe23de9f4d4e13bbe221649eccccdf304f47f4d.png

Also, when I tried to copy the graph to my primalitemarmor… Warnings appear on the new graph (probably because I don’t have the same variables set up?)

Your image attachment doesn’t work.
It’s all done in the graph for adding the buff and yes, you need to create those variable to get rid of the errors. You can just right click them after pasting and select “create variable”

Thanks! I created a new buff, but for some reason when I equip my custom armor, it makes me poop really fast, until the editor freezes. Any idea what might cause this?

I figured it out. I mistakenly changed the food multiplier to a ridiculous amount. It’s fixed now. Now I’m trying to figure out how to make the character completely invisible when the armor is worn.

Just a guess, but you could try “set actor hidden in game” -> true

would that be in the buff file? or the primalitemarmor file? I see a “hide character mesh” in the primalitemarmor file…but that doesn’t make the underwear or wrist engram device disappear.

Sorry, it’s in the graph