Clean install of Windows 10, how do I add my projects to the launcher?

So I receently did a clean re-install of windows 10 and have re-installed the Epic Games Launcher. I have all my projects on a seperate hard drive but I cant find a way to add them to the launcher under the “MY PROJECTS” section. Is there a way to define a directory? At the same time I re-installed the epic games launcher to the same location as before on my non-OS hard drive, and despite me having multiple versions of Unreal Engine and the game Bad North installed there, the launcher doesnt seem to recognize them. Is there a way for me to set paths?

You just copy and paste where you want them and likely restart don’t recall,but thats how.

But copy and paste them where? There isnt a dedicated folder for Unreal projects and the launcher wont even recognize installed engine versions in the same folder?
All the red arrows are items that the launcher doesnt recognize.

AFAIK launcher doesn’t support moving or discovering engine locations. Remove all of these folders marked with red arrows and simply re-download the engine version you need from the launcher.

Your project will appear in “My projects” sections after launching it for the first time, i.e. by double-clicking .uproject file.
Normally you don’t need a launcher to open project, you can use a shortcut to .uproject file :wink:

Unless your setup is vastly different than mine , it works have installed engine X, want to change location ( add) your project HERE, then what I’ve laid out, is how it works,how I’ve done it,and thereare DOC pages on it tho atm I can’t find it.

UE4: How to Change/Move Project Folder to New Location Directory ,for reference, works fine but of course you need engine installed as usual, on drive you are wanting to send project to ,as I do, as such its a very simple procedure.

I suggest making a copy for prudence sake, as noted.