Clean devkit install still shows v197.1 in title bar.

Just did a complete wipe & clean install of the devkit today yet still see v197.1 in the title bar. I do see the “cook total conversion” in the “Cook/Upload mod to Steam” window.

So do I still have the wrong version? (FYI I tried so many times to download the update from google drive I’ve lost count so no way for me to verify)

omg im 9/10 of the way through :frowning: i tryed to dl it and verify 6+ times i feel ur pain

Hey Chad,

Some of us we’re able to update okay, but also lots of us we’re not able to as well. This is a known problem right now, and being looked into. Sorry that you are having trouble :confused:

PS: to clarify, are you downloading the update for v200.5 via the google drive files OR the Epic Games Launcher?

If google drive, try using the Epic Games Launcher to verify the ADK (it should catch the update then, unless you are one of us who is experiencing issues with that).

did u delete the 3 files that were left in the folder? tryed both ways sin epic doesn’t update at all 9/10 of the way through complete reinstall through epic thats after 6+ verify that left it at 197

Yeah, I just don’t know what’s up with that file. I’ve been downloading at 10Mb/s+ yet still seems to fail along the way.

Apologies sinarisinestro, how could I have left out the important part about using the Epic Game Launcher.

I’ve done a clean wipe and reinstall via the Epic Game Launcher as well as multiple verifies.
As for the from google drive, it’s been failing every single time.

Just verified via the Epic Game Launcher again, it took about 6mins, did some updates yet still have v197.1 in the title bar.

fresh install on epic still 197 ideas would be lovely

Having the same issue. verifying doesn’t trigger an update. Dev kit is still showing v197. trying to compress posts this way or the other i dnt mind would love a fix though were really missing out especially solo teams and i downloaded almost 200g for an update plz ive reinstalled and still nothing