Clean c++ project multiplayer not working

Reposting from answer hub in hope it gets answered faster.

I am not sure if this is a bug or if i am missing something terribly obvious here. When i make a new c++ FPS project and try to simulate multiplayer, i cant see the weapons being replicated BUT the collision and movement are working normally.

This is very strange because if you do exactly the same in a BP FPS project everything works as it should…

Did any one else run into this? is this a known bug? some one point me in the right direction please…

With further investigation i discovered that the default FPS template code comes with “SetOnlyOwnerSee(true)” in the constructor of the character, commenting or deleting the line makes the gun appear.

Honestly it makes no sense for this option to be diferent in the c++ template when the BP template simply works normaly. IMHO the devs should either have it checked for both or non at all.