Clean BSP Materials tool?

Sorry if this was explained somewhere, but has the “Clean BSP Materials” tool been removed, or am I just overlooking it?

Also, should feature suggestions simply be posted on the forum, or is there a better method of submitting them?


It now happens automatically when you do a level build. If you want to trigger it manually, you can type “CleanBSPMaterials” into the console in the top right of the editor.

These materials will also show up in “Map Check” and you can perform the clean from there too.


Thank you!

Hi Joshua,

To guarantee that your request is seen and added into the database, post it here. We moderate the forums, but the requests tend to get ignored because we cannot assign a developer to the posts.

I have assigned an engineer to answered your question as to what has happened with Clean BSP Materials tool. If there is anything else you need to know, please tell us.

For versions after 4.5 you have to press ~ in the level viewer window. Then enter ‘CleanBSPMaterials’.