Classic Tomb Raider Ring Menu

Hi there. I just want to show you my Inventory Ring Menu I’m working on.
It’s a mixture of the Tomb Raider I-III and Tomb Raider IV/V Inventory.

Items are placed in a ring menu with separate Categories (TRI-III), but you have also different Ammo Types and you can combine Items inplace(TRIV/V)
It’s much more customizable:

Hide/Show Ammo in the Ring if the Weapon is present.
Disable separate Categories and put everything in one Ring
When Combining, Show all Items in Inventory (Except Game Items like Load/Save), show only Items that can be combined or only show the part you need to combine.
Sort Items by internal ID.

The Inventory is both usable with Mouse and Keyboard, but more optimized for Keyboard.

Here’s a video, ignore the Green box when combining please :smiley: It usually shows the Item you want to combine

The Inventory/The Items are easily extensible.

You want the Shotgun to have flammable Ammo?
Create an Ammo Item and specify it’s Projectile Settings and add this ammo to the Shotgun.
The Ammo will be automatically selectable

You want the Desert Eagle to be combinable with a Laser Sight?
Add the “Combinable” Interface and specify the Input/Output Items.

I made a inventory like this as well but I made a blueprint that is right in front of the camera and scales all items to nearly one tenth. I didn’t like doing that but I didn’t know any other way. I’m just curious if you use a different method?

Hi there.

The Inventory display is itself a separate Actor spawned somewhere far below the character when the Inventory is called.
The Actor contains a Render2DComponent and for each Object in the Inventory, an additional Actor is spawned and attached to the first Actor.
The RenderComponent feeds the rendered Actors into a Material, where some postProcessing is done, like Chroma Keying etc.

The Actor is then referenced in the Widget, where you can control it.

looks sweet! any tutorial coming up for this?
Many thanks!

Maybe I’ll write a tutorial for this :slight_smile:

What a throwback. This would be a great inventory blueprint for the game my team is working on! Subbed, keep it up!

that’s great man… i love this type of inventory:)

By the way, is there any chance to ask you for a tutorial about how to create it?

“Piece of ****”. Lovely stuff you got in that invetory. Haha! xD