Classic RTS Fog of War

It’s not the problem in tile system it self, problem is that when i rotate heightmap tile it don’t snap to tile grid over the selected position where is placed.
It shud be creating checker like diagonal placements and currently it does not.
So this is not suitable for RTS at all but rather to something like turn based checkerboard maps.

So do you want the tiles to be triangular instead of rectangular? That means 2x the amount of tiles needed for the same area. Beside the fact that this is more complex to implement I doubt that I’ve ever seen a game using this. You can hide the rectangular shape with a well chosen smoothing to the player anyway so I don’t see a point for any other shape than rectangular.

Or do you want to be able to use any kind of rotation? Kinda like what’s described here:
This is a lot more computation heavy, therefore a bad choice with the amount of units RTS games have and absolutely impossible with blueprints.

I’m quite sure most (if not all) RTS games with line of sight based fog of war used a rectangular shaped tile-based fog of war system like mine does.

let me draw it to you.

height missing 2.jpg

and let me say that not seeing proper tiles / grid in editor is real pita to work with.

Yes, I understood what you mean. My question now is, how would you want it to work like? Because I would wonder if even top games like starcraft 2 not just use rectangular shaped tiles like mine system does. They just use smaller tilesizes so the effect is less notable. What you need to understand here is that line of sight fog of war is one of the hardest to implement features of RTS games and requires a lot of computation. Therefore tilesizes just as small as in games like sc2 isn’t possible with blueprints. My algorithms used are quite efficient but a company with more than 4000 employees surely has much more possibilities than you can expect for a $30 blueprint asset.

I’m always trying to improve my asset descriptions so it would be nice if you could tell me what in the description that states “Classic tile-based Fog of War system …” and “Precomputed tile-based heightmap easily created by placing and scaling an actor” made you think this fog of war system and its heightmap isn’t tile-based?

Well, this “tile-based” thing was not mentioned… even this thread of yours is called “Classic RTS Fog of War” withouth “tile based” in it.
And once again, i dont have problem with tiles at all but with your implementation of heightmap tile.
If you are looking to improve your work than please consider mine complaint becouse at current state its not working as one would expect.
Maybe consider to make a heightmap tile it self in editor actually to be presented as tile based aswell.


I purchased this asset and it actually doesn’t look too bad, and it works, which is the best fog of war asset I’ve come across so far. However, the performance is terrible when I set the view range in the BP_FOW_Actor to anything over about 4000 x 4000, and that is still a VERY small view range for the camera. I am noticing frame-rate spikes/drops that are pretty significant whenever the FOW updates. At about 3500 x 3500 view range it’s “ok”, but then the camera HAS to be zoomed in really near to the terrain to avoid blacking out on the edges. This is kind of unacceptable, and unusable in a typical RTS game.

I have to be able to zoom out further than “super close up” and still have acceptable Fog of War. So, is there anything we can do to cut down on the framerate spikes, or be able to have a view range of say 8000 x 8000 without massive frame drops?

Perhaps the array iteration could be split up into smaller chunks, or multi-threaded somehow? Or maybe there’s a way to make the FOW squares bigger, so there are less to iterate over? Which would be bad resolution, but might be playable. Because right now, although the system works great, the performance makes it unusable in any serious RTS game.

Thanks for any info or tips you might be able to give.

Hi there,

I noticed that the visible radius of the fog of war “tiles” or repeats on the terrain if you angle the camera out. Is there a way to disable this and only have one visible radius for where the actual gameplay takes place?

i experienced same problem till i get a infinite loop detected bp error and now i dont know how to solve it, but im actually agree with you, how we can solve this ¿? please help there peter K!

i believe the problem is not just scaling an actor, but all what i already have on it? hmmm your units looks same size as mine so i dont know but i have zoom in and out and i cant have the fog looking good at least i resize everything to be very small and i dont know if navmesh stuff would work nice with such smaller scales and such :s