Classic Postmortem: The Making Of Myst >>

I just really enjoyed watching this. Make you realize what the essence of making a game is and how spoiled we all are right now.
Just look how little they had to work with and how creative they were in their approach.

Hypercard. What an amazing classic.

One thing I am discovering after watching “Lets play Myst” on You Tube is how much have been stolen from this game.
Shocking actually.

I actually just finished playing riven recently.

Also the creators of myst are making a new Myst like game with UE4!
Obduction is its name if I am correct…

Oh wow that is great news. I love the concept of the brothers who got trapped inside the books. This is really fascinating. Really original.
I am figuring this out as I am watching a You Tube series on the game play. I am watching “Lets play Myst - the
masterpiece edition”. I am on 21 at the moment …

You can get this on Steam by the way.

Myst masterpiece edition. Are you talking about the new 3d one? Or the older improved one?

Also, if you have never played Riven… I recommend you play that one for yourself… For it isn’t the same watching it. (It’s pretty cheap on GOG.)

Also… Good to see more MYST fans! :smiley:

I am watching the newer improved one. Its called the masterpiece edition. Not the full 3D version where you can move around in 3D space. Here is the video I am watching at the moment: Let's Play Myst - part 23 - Accusations - YouTube

I am not actually a Myst fan. I missed out at the time when this came out since I didn’t have a computer back . I am fast becoming one though. I cant stop watching this series :slight_smile:

I was just thinking how funny it would be if they attached these Myst discs to those Voyager space craft that we sent out of the solar system. Will keep those aliens scratching their heads for millions of years … :slight_smile:

I own that one and the original on disk! :smiley:

Also… Join us. Join us! JOIN US!

I bet the Aliens would stay away from earth thinking it is just filled with puzzles. Or they would come to congragulate the creators of Myst.
OR… They would destroy us for infuriating them.

You know … actually thinking about this … aliens would probably have great fun figuring it out because its all mechanics, physics, visuals and sound. These are all things they should be very familiar with. I am sure they know what gears and elevators are and maybe even electricity …

They probably do! (Well… Unless they themselves travel without machines. Like there body is all they need…)