Classic Garden WIP for Schoolproject


at the moment i am building a classic Garden, which is for a school project.

I try to include the most characteristic thing from theese old gardens, like a bridge, some monuments and Forest parts.
The Deadline is on the 13.11 so its nearly finished.

For the stones i use Photogrammetry like Piro MANIAC, but with only free tools (Visual SFM, Mesh lab and Blender)

If someone is intrested i could make a post how to make Photoscanns with free programms.

A short Videos:

Some Pictures:

If you have tipps for Post Progress or the light, please comment :slight_smile:

You have a really nice scene going on there!

I have some suggestions regarding the lighting. First, it seems you are using an LPV right? Is that what makes the secondary light show up as you move? LPV isn’t really fit for big outdoor scenes like that, unless you tune up the distance a lot, which makes you lose resolution. Second, I’d increase the cascaded shadow distance. Some trees that are farely close lack depth because they aren’t getting any shadows, particulary at the 0:18 mark.

Keep it up!

Thanks for your reply.

Yeah i think ill turn off the LPV, that might be The easier and cheaper way.

For The shadows, I noticed that they disapear fully in further distances, is it possible to switch off The disapearing, to always keep The last shadow resolution?

Take a look at the cascaded shadow maps settings in the directional light

On a sidenote, try using a Skylight. If you post screenshots after the change I’ll make sure to comment on that as well. Good luck!

Yeah, thanks ill do this tomorrow :slight_smile:

So I turned off the LVP. As second action I increased the cascaded shadow distance, but i noticed every thing above 30000.0 makes me lose the little, more detail shadows. I think 30000.0 is the best fitting for my szene.

As you can see, i lost the little shaddows at the bushes, but the trees are better now.

Now you may want to add a Skylight (no cast shadows to test how they update in realtime). That way you don’t get completely black shadows.

A yeah, thanks ^^