Classic FPS movement pack

I’m definitely interested in this, but I’d also like to know what the answer is on networking.

shut up and take my money!!
when do you plan to release it???
any way to get alpha/beta version?

+1 to this. Currently trying to build an multiplayer arena-esque game but miss the air strafing of the olden days. Advanced movement is (sadly) much later on the timeline at this point. I’d definitely buy this if I had the chance, provided networking was supported.

It looks simple but it’s a time saver. Well, just put it on and start selling.

Hey guys, thanks for all the interest expressed here, I figured I wasn’t the only one who is interested in some better movement.

All of the concerns you express over the multiplayer replication are something I’ve been running up against recently. My thinking was initially to release with a client authoritative movement workaround for those that want to begin on multiplayer projects and refine their movement, but I was experiencing some bugs even with that temporary workaround on multiplayer, so I do not have support for multiplayer projects at this time.

If you are doing a single player project or doing multiplayer but feel like single player functionality can still help you, you can still buy now (and you’d get free access to multiplayer replication updates as it’s added), but I want you to be aware of that limitation.

Now for some good news regarding replication, I’ve been banging my head against the wall on this but I just made a HUGE breakthrough in retrofitting the air acceleration/air strafing for multiplayer and it appears to 100% work in multiplayer/dedicated server (including w/ simulated lag). So that’s huge…I honestly wasn’t sure if it would have been possible in blueprint based on the replication issues I’ve been running into, but I was able to feed the logic through the add movement input node and after some maddening fixes it is working.

My question to those that are interested solely for multiplayer projects - besides air acceleration/air strafing what is the biggest of the movement features you most want for multiplayer? I basically am creating a new multiplayer blueprint so I want to prioritize what I retrofit next.


Note: multiplayer replication now supported in latest release! see latest posts

A heads up, single player release is now live and available for purchase:

Really encouraging progress on multiplayer replication: I have been able to get air strafe/accel and bunnyhop working for multiplayer (two biggest features people are probably interested in for multi). Here’s me doing some experimental testing w/ dedicated server and simulated lag (and various gravity settings for demonstration):

Only problem is my system has a tough time rendering 4 game instances + recording video at the same time :stuck_out_tongue:

I will also go ahead and implement the proper mesh/animations for mutiplayer for the pack because by default the FPS character only renders his arms to himself.
A very quick attempt is seen in video- seeing the characters size made me realize how large the test map really is (I like to go fast!).

Edit: Here is the trello board:

Is this entirely blueprint or do you mean with C++ fixes?

still entirely blueprint, no outside c++ fixes or configs needed :slight_smile:
I’m working through trimping multiplayer replication right now…then likely will do the bhop cap and will follow up with first multiplayer supported release. Because I’m re-architecting it for multiplayer the next package I post will include the existing single player only blueprint as well as a separate multiplayer branch (and will be free update to previous buyers). The reason to do separate branches is that there are some small differences in the flexibility of the multiplayer implementation and I would like to preserve the greater control of the single player blueprint for those doing single player projects.

The big update is finally here- initial multiplayer release of the fps movement pack w/ full replication, and updated for unreal engine 4.9!

My poor computer does not enjoy rendering 4 windows at a time while recording, so sorry about the quality.

If you are interested you can grab it here:

This is the initial release supporting multiplayer- I will continue to refine and add features based on feedback:

Also I’m planning to post a tutorial on integrating the fps movement pack w/ the generic shooter project as I’ve gotten a couple requests specifically on that. Once that marketplace item is updated to 4.9 as well I can add that- in my own testing it does not look that difficult which is good news!


Some folks who purchased specifically wanted some help integrating this with the generic shooter pack. Here’s a quick look at the result of integration:

Initially I tried to utilize only a child blueprint but there are a number of bugs with how UE4 handles child blueprints right now. Ultimately I had to settle on recreating the blueprint and functions directly in the BP_PlayerCharacter blueprint.

Will there be a tutorial on how to do it?

Since child blueprints continue to be buggy, to integrate w/ the generic shooter pack the best approach I settled on was to re-create the functions of the fps movement pack in the BP_PlayerCharacter blueprint. Essentially you create each function in the BP_PlayerCharacter blueprint, then copy paste the underlying nodes from the MPfpsMoveCharacter blueprint. This sounds simple but there are a few pitfalls and things you need to watch out for in translating the functions, custom events etc. You need to re-create all the variables, make sure every little node and connection got brought in when pasting and that the default values of every variable are re-set to the same. If you are looking at a completely new blueprint this can be pretty difficult to navigate.

So in this case, rather than create an hour+ long tutorial that probably would not cover everything you need to watch out for in integrating w/ the GS pack, I can share my integrated blueprint solution directly with you (pm me) if you are a verified owner of the GS pack. :slight_smile:

It works great with GS and integrated blueprint solution works out of the box. I would recommend thoroughly, if you like this kind of movement. Moreover, the author of this product is very helpful if you encounter any problems. Cool thing!

I’ve been looking for something like this , just paid and D/loaded Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Tried to pm you for support Pheesh, but your inbox is full =(

Sorry about that Drastic- I got your first pm at least before the limit kicked in. Cleared it out now. :slight_smile:

It sounds like with that tutorial I pm’ed you just now you are all set with the GS integration, but let me know if you run into anything else!

Just a note to everyone that this release supports 4.10 without any update needed, but please let me know if you run into any issues.

I just saw this. Oh dang.

I was slowly going to build some of these features myself (not seeing this thread before) into GS because I need some of them for my own project but now I’m probably just going to… not.

[li]**Adds a simple HUD speedometer:**because half the fun may be seeing how fast you can go! Realistically this is just a simple speedometer to help you fine tune movement to your preferences.[/li][/QUOTE]

LOLed at this!

Project looks really interesting.

If there is tight integration between this and Allar’s Generic Shooter this could be “the beginning of a beautiful friendship”.