"Classic" Dino Platform C4 mod for high rate servers

Hey guys, i really hope to find someone who could help me out here. I’m completely new to modding, but since there is such a big demand for bringing back those C4 Paracers & Quetzals on my server cluster (x100, not too easy to balance) that i thaught i could give it a shot. The Structure i try to modify is the C4Charge Blueprint where i found the “prevent attach to saddle” option under the placement slider. It works fine when i just change the original blueprint to “allow attach to saddle”, but i have no clue how i can convert this into a working mod. I was able to mod a “classic c4 remote detonator” and a “classic c4 charge” into the game, it even loaded the right C4 into the matching remote, but i got stuck in the placement animation (even though i did not change anything regarding placement animations). I imagined that i could get the reworked C4 charge to work with the standard C4 detonator, since you can shoot everything out of a flare gun or other weapons. Is it because the c4charge is not counted as a projectile/structure? I am really lost and would appreciate anything that could give me some quidance regarding my topic.

You don’t want to change original blueprint classes. To make a mod, make a new folder with the name of your mod in the “Mods” folder. Then copy the blueprints from the “Generic Mod” folder to your mod folder. Next, rename the copied files to reflect the name of your mod(ie. PrimalGameDate_ClassicC4). In the copied map, change the primal game data to your new primal game data. Make a child of C4_Blueprint, the C4 Engram and the Pprimal_Structure_C4 and place it in your mod folder. Make the changes you want to your C4 blueprint, and also change the “structure to place” to your primal_Structure_C4. In the Primal Structure_C4, change the “consumes item” to your C4_blueprint. Then, change your engram to point to your C4_blueprint. Finally, in your primal game data, add your Primal_Structure_C4 to the “additional structures to place”, and add your engram to the “additional engrams” section.