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Hello, I have some questions about how to use blueprints.
I am a fairly new user who has been able to put together incredibly basic things, but has never done anything big. I wanted to ask, what blueprint class should I use if, for example, I want my character to have a weapon? All the YouTube tutorials say that you should just make it a static mesh, but it doesn’t feel right. Meshes don’t have code, you can’t really do anything with them except for displaying them. What if I want to have an entire weapon system, such as in Tarkov? With weapons that are children of other weapons (f.e. a handgun parent class, with children such as a deagle and revolver?) weapons on which you can also put components such as cameras? I have tried making a pawn weapon class and an actor weapon class, but did not get far with either of them. IIs there some basic knowledge that I still don’t know? Sorry that my question is so vague and general, but to sum it up I want to know, what blueprint class should I use for a weapon that My character will hold and interact with?
Thank you.
(Also a side note, if it’s relevant, I mean blueprint only, because I don’t actually know c++)

Hi SlowChroma,

I think the FirstPerson Template project shows a good example of how Weapons might be implemented. (BP_Rifle)

You’re right that it’s not just a Static Mesh, but a Blueprint actor which contains a mesh.

It’s good that you’re already thinking about parent/child relationships (The idea of a weapon, but with the ability to modify it’s look/behaviour)

Not sure about “putting cameras on weapons”, but I’d look into render targets for that sort of thing. (Like a sniper rifle where you can see the scope)

“Making a pawn weapon class” does not make sense. For example, the BP_Rifle casts to the pawn/character and then attaches itself from there.

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Thank you so much, I will definitely check out the first person template, probably should have done that first lol. And yes, I have actually used render targets before, What threw me off about them is that they don’t look exactly as a camera, but I’m sure I could fix that with some research. Thank you!