Classes for DeleteAll

How does one go about finding the classes for the deleteall command for non-creatures?
I’d like to delete all of the trees, and other resources, on my server’s map, for testing, but I’m unsure of what class names to use.

That is one hell of a task you are trying to do but best way I can suggest to find the asset names is to open the dev kit, go to the map folder you are interested in (if its TheIsland it is Maps/TheIslandSubMaps), find one of the “@#_Near*” where “@” is a letter “#” is a number and “*” is a wildcard (i.e. A1_Near_WIP) that you would be interested in, Right click it > Reference Viewer…, change the depth limit to 2 and maximize the breadth limit, move around to until you find your interested foliage settings, and use the asset name that foliage references (likely with “_C” appended to the end of the name).

Thanks for that - the one thing I haven’t been able to determine is how exactly these things spawn. If I delete the objects will they go away, permanently, or is there some controller respawning them, like the dinos have?

I’ve got a mod setup that allows for reduction of the resource spawns that worked in the editor, and in single-player, but doesn’t appear to be functioning with an existing save. I can only assume that it’s because the map contains all of the existing trees that I subclassed from. I used the v190 method for remapping them, which is why it works on a new map, but perhaps there’s a better way (if there is a way, at all) to allow the mod to function on an existing map. Wiping out all of the resource nodes (if they respawn) is a valid option, to me.

(Also, I didn’t see an objects that looks like classes. I see meshes, material instances, and a few sound cues, but that’s it. The closest thing I can see is the harvestcomponents themselves, like “RockHarvestComponent”. I’ve already tried to remove those, to no effect, though.)

Wiping them would only be temporary (like probably a few seconds of server flipping out and then catching up depending on the type of thing you destroy) because you are doing nothing to the clutter spawners. If you are interested in changing what spawns you would instead make adjustments to the foliage setting blueprints that were mentioned earlier. So just keep your reference viewer with a depth limit of 1 and go through each submap to see what folliage setting blueprints you would need to subclass and change. As for getting them to actually load, they are placed on the map so essentially you would have to modify whatever map you are interested unless someone knows some other method. You would need to watch at a minimum brick’s mapping tutorials on how to rework the clutter here: ARK Dev Kit Lesson: Clutter Layers - YouTube

I haven’t meddled in the mapping side of UE4 so I’m probably not the best person for this question.

Unless I’m misinterpreting the 190 patch notes, I think that by using the remapping, the spawners should spawn my new trees/rocks/crystals once all of the olds ones are dead. Theoretically, at least.

EDIT: I looked at several of his videos, and it looks like the clutter layer is just about map clutter, and not actual resource nodes. I saw the video on resources, but it appears that they’re painted onto the map. I still can’t find a way to remove even a single one of them, but now I’m worried again that doing so would permanently remove them.

I tested this further out and I guess I don’t need what I thought I need.

In single player, I did the following:

  • Deleted the world, and started without the mod (with respawn on 0.05).
  • Deleted a swath of resources (wood/stones/plants)
  • Placed a thatch foundation in the middle of the resources.
  • Traveled a great distance away. Waited 30 seconds. Traveled back.
  • The resources had NOT respawned.
  • Exited and relaunched with the mod (without deleting the world.)
  • Traveled a great distance away. Waited 30 seconds. Traveled back.
  • The resources had not respawned.
  • Cut down a larger amount of resources, nearby the foundation. (Still well within the normal blocked radius)
  • Traveled a great distance away. Waited 30 seconds. Traveled back.
  • This time the original resources had still not respawned but the new ones that I cut down HAD respawned.

So when the map is starting up, the remap is working correctly to replace the resources with my modded version. However, this does not affect the resources already disabled by structures.

I guess my question, to anyone, at this point: Is it possible to regenerate the resources that have been blocked by housing so that they can start to work like the rest of the resources? It’s nice that the mod will work for any further development, but I would love to make it able to work on existing settlements, as well.


That is a very tough question to answer for any of us modders I think. I have no idea where one would even attempt to find what houses the blueprints/settings for that. My guess is it’s a function that has not been exposed to us yet by the Devs. Could be very wrong though.

My assumption would be that if the structure got raided and destroyed the resources would regenerate there updated like the rest did, when you had cut it down and it regenerated.

  • Sinari

I had the same assumption. I appreciate you responding, as such. :slight_smile:

I know cwm33, in his huge overhaul mod Statera Vis, modified the range at which structures prevent resource re spawning. You’d have to poke him how he did it for sure but, it is likely a harvest component setting because in WoodHarvestComponent there are two interesting variables: “min structure distance replenishing” and “min non core structure distance replenishing”. You are likely interested in updating the harvesting components.

Yes, the mod, as I mentioned, works just fine, so I don’t have any issues with that.

The issues were simply trying to find a way to get it to work on an existing map which cwm has not researched into, yet.

Thanks, again, though.