Class System like in COD

I want to make a class system where a user can choose his weapon from a specific list and change it whenever he wants, I have all the BP ready to access menu but I don’t know how to make charterer look through the items which he can use and which he can’t, too low level, any help is appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

This is pretty simple. You can make a struct that holds each variable for the class (Primary Weapon, Primary Weapon Attachments (Array), Secondary Weapon, Lethal Grenades (Array), etc. You can then create a variable representing that struct in blueprints, and then set up the class by setting members in struct, and you can also access the struct and fill the class menu accordingly.

Okay, I can do that, my only question how would I chnage it for creating a multiplayer game, I never really made anything big in multiplayer games and so i am quite weak in it.

Change it as in let players customize their class? I’d handle the replication after you have it working for single player. So you already have the menu setup to customize the class, you just don’t know how to load specific items into each list (Primary Weapons, Wildcards, Perks), and how to save the items as a class?

No, what i don’t now is how to keep each player version of classes saved in his game version, meaning each player will have his own classes even if he closes the game, I am using steam SDK.

Working on that here: