Class system - Help needed

Hello, i am just starting out with the dev kit, and have already watched a few tutorials.

Now, my reason for starting modding is i have a little list of mods i want to make for my server, but i need help figuring out how to go about it.

First is a class system, kinda. Basic idea is you get x nr of engram points, like 10k, at level 25 for a engram, which unlocks some blueprints you can use.

An example is the Blacksmith. While everyone can make a more basic variant of metal tools, a weaker version of the current one, the blacksmith get access to a stronger version. They also get access to higher tier variants at lvl 35, 45, 55 and so on. My idea is that a level 120 Blacksmith can actually produce ascendant tools.

Now, since the Blacksmith perk in itself is a engram to be learned, i though about letting it unlock the blueprints for all the metal tools, or perhaps be the requirement to learn them. I am a bit confused if it is possible to add several items blueprints, to a single engram.

Any of you fine people know how to go about it most efficiently?