Class -> Class Asset ID, Asset -> Asset ID

Currently we can go from Class Asset ID and Asset ID to Class and Assets, but we can’t do the reverse.

When using lookup tables that use Class Asset IDs and Asset IDs and making functions that take these as inputs, it would be really handy to be able to make a Class Asset ID / Asset ID from a Class / Asset object. Combined with static functions, this could reduce class dependency in ‘class lookup’ scenarios while still allowing a class to look itself up if needed or to pass itself as an argument in a filter for this type of lookup.

Would love to be able to go from Class to Class Asset ID and Asset to Asset ID.

+1, I support this randomly

Sounds helpful, i want that. +1

Hey Allar,

Thanks for the feature request. I have put in a ticket for it. You can follow it as the developers decide what to do, here: