Class blueprints and firing a sound

Hi, I have a series of spotlights along a walkway, approximately 14 pairs. Each pair is toggled on after a delay after entering a box trigger near the beginning of the path. So the effect is that the first set is triggered after .3 seconds, the second after .6 seconds, etc., leading away from the player. I also want to fire a sound when the light pair is turned on.

I know this is basic stuff, but I’m just learning, and would appreciate some guidance how to do this as class blueprints. I feel like each light pair would be an instance of a PathLight class (for example0 that had the sound effect wired in, but I’m just not clear on how to do it, and I’m not having much luck so far.

Any help is appreciated on understanding 1) how to fire a sound based on a light being triggered on, and 2) BONUS: how to handle this as an array of PathLight objects.


Hi bbhart,

When you turn the light on, place a “play sound at location” node after it, use the “get actor location” or “get actor world location” node for where you want the sound to play if you want it to play at the light source origin. I hope this helps!

EDIT: ok Adam was a minute faster than me! :smiley:


in your Spotlight Blueprint you can try to add a sequence to your box_trigger event and from the sequence, one goes to your light toggle and the other one goes to → “play Sound at Location”. As target drag one of your spotlight components in your eventGraph, choose get and connect it to “get world location” and connect it to the “play Sound at Location”-Node.


Ace D.

Is there a trick to dragging specific items from the scene outliner into a new Blueprint? I’m doing something similar as far as having a sound happen at a specific location, but it’s nowhere near my box trigger. I’ve tried placing the cue into the world, and then dragging that que from the outliner to the blueprint, but no joy… then tried a play sound at location, but nothing at the location I want the sound to happen will drag into the blueprint for me. :frowning:

Edit: Ok, this was because I wasn’t creating a real “trigger volume” blueprint… I was creating a blueprint and trying to use the box component as the trigger volume. Do do that :slight_smile: