Clarification on Vehicle Documentation

In the Vehicle User Guide [documentation][1] it mentions you can add more than 4 wheels like so:

But, this clearly isn’t that simple reading thru the [AnswerHub][3] I found how to mimic some of the physics driven wheels like so:

My question is will the documentation be updated to specify more what is needed to implement more than 4 wheels?
Or is the functionality to add more wheels referencing something I’m just missing?

If you want to add more wheels, as said, simply click the add wheel thing in the vehicle movement component, and as the others, you have to attach them to a bone, so you may add some bones on your skeleton (in addition of having FL_Wheel FR_Wheel BL_Wheel and BR_Wheel, you will have BL and BR_wheel2 for exemple).
You can try to add your extra wheels without creating other bones by attaching them to an already existing one (BR and BL in this exemple) and playing with the Offset value. But i have not tried that and i am not sure if it works, but you can give it a try