Clarification of questions related to the educational license


I have a few questions regarding the educational licenses for acedemic use.

First of all, what is the procedure for applying for an educational license for research projects not related to classroom activities?
I am currently considering using the engine for a small research project, that for the moment only involves myself and maybe one or two others for the development tasks. Is that covered under the educational license? And if so, should I apply for it (being a full time staff member) or should I have an administrative person apply in my case?

Secondly, as we are a fair number of staff members, should we find that the engine would provide useful for student learning activities or other projects, what would the procedure then be? Request additional licenses for students and staff under the same email (i.e. my own), or should colleagues/administration apply independently?


Hey jbmadser, Welcome to the forums!

Same as regular application - Since you’re an educator go to the education page and sign up

Same as above

Following up on best process for this - If the need approaches before I can get you some clarification, go ahead and request more at the education page