Clarification of installation process for UE5 and Metahuman export

I need to have some clarification on what I need to install to be able to create a metahuman and export it to UE5. this is on Windows 10 desktop
I have been able to successfully create my own metahumans. I have installed UE5. I can create an empty project. I go to the click on content tab and select Quixel Bridge I can find my saved Metahumans I can download but the + in the circle button does not activate… stays grayed out and just ignores my clicks. Doing some searching I think my issue is that I have moved my Documents folder from c: to another drive. But I could not follow the discussion because the paths and folders that were mentioned I did not find. Also after downloading my metahumans I have to download every time I load up Quixel bridge… assuming bridge is looing for the download in the wrong drive.

So first… do i need any of the older version of UE installed to be able to export metahumans into my UE5 scene? Second how do I uninstall everything and start fresh… and make bridge work with my documents folder in a nonstandard location?

Hope that all makes sense… let me know if more information is needed. ;O)

Are you talking about UE5’s native Bridge, or the stand alone application, Quixel Bridge?

If it’s the native bridge, you occasionally need to restart it to get it to see a downloaded metahuman. Make sure the asset did actually finish downloading first, though. If it downloaded, you should be able to see the files in the location you specified. You can control download location through the settings.

Hi… thanks for the reply.
Yes I mean the UE5 native Bridge. As I mentioned I have my Documents folder on a drive other than the default c:

When I download my Metahuman it goes through the process but at the end of the download the circle with the + that is used to export does not become active. And if I close the content tab and go back my metahuman is no longer checked as downloaded.

Please tell me where the setting for the default location is… I cannot seem to find it… snapshots would help me tremendously ;O)


Ok, so you’re asking a few things.
First: How to find where the files are located
You can set the file path in the native unreal bridge by going to the circle icon in the top right, clicking on that, and selecting “preferences” from the menu. This should bring up a window where you can check where the default Library path is and make changes if necessary.
If you’ve downloaded a metahuman, you can jump directly to their files by selecting them in the bridge, and clicking on the three vertical dots icon and selecting “go to files”.

Second: The plus does not show up and export does not become active.
This is a little bit buggy right now. The first thing is to make sure that the metahuman actually finished downloading before closing anything. I usually give it an hour to make sure, and will often queue up downloads I know I need in advance overnight just to be safe, as it definitely can just bug out. Again, make sure that it has “downloaded” not merely “generated”. The process requires the metahuman to first be generated, then downloaded. Once both are completed, it will usually not allow you export it, just as you are describing. I typically just close the window and reopen it. If that doesn’t work, I restart unreal. I’ve never had it happen where both of those didn’t work, but if they don’t, you’ll need to download the stand alone bridge client and use that. It’s a little more awkward than the native client, but I’ve never had any problems with it.

Edit: you can get the standalone client here: Quixel Bridge - Manage 3D content and export with one click

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Thanks for that information… I will give it a try later today and post how it goes… ;O)

OK… so I found the path as a setting. Just where you said it would be. ;O) I had to log in first.
Thanks for your help.

Now… why is there no option in Metahuman for NO shoes? ;O)

I have no idea, though I suspect it’s something to do with the skeleton?? The metahumans do have feet, it’s not as if they just didn’t bother to make them. I think I posted about this previously, but they will always be wearing sandals if you export them into maya. Still no idea what’s up with that.