Clarification of getting started with UE4

Hello guys i subscribed to UE4 last week and im having trouble on where to start based off what other have told me, im a current unity User and im currently in the middle of a mobile project so im researching and gathering information on how to go about learning UE4 for my next project sometime next year. I read that BP can be used to make a full game, then im told it cant, then im told that it can but its slower than C++ performance wise (btw, if this calculation cant be seen in game-play not sure why its a factor). i love C# but always wanted to learn C++ but wanted a quick start so thought Blueprints was the logical answer, so just want to make sure i dont run into any walls as far as what BP can do. Hope that makes since, thanks guys.

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You are abel to create an entire game with blueprints (of course it depends on which kind of game -> special features needs to be done with C++ - source code)

“Programming in code will give have a very slight advantage in performance over blueprints. However the difference between the two would be nearly imperceptible during play.”
“Blueprints are indeed intended for full game creation for those who do not have a programming background or are more visually minded.”

Thanks for the response! ok so i can use only blueprints if i want, good now what do you mean by “Special features” some UE4 terms are new to me coming from unity lol as far as games i want to make, i have two in mind, one is a FPS multiplayer the other is a mobile game dealing with quick-time events

cool tutorials btw :slight_smile:

e.g Realtime deformable terrain :stuck_out_tongue:

Both of your games should be doable with blueprints -> start watching the official tutorials on youtube (e.g - will teach you the basics of using animations in the UE4; ?v=TbaOyvWfJE0 - networking;…)