Clamping Spring Arm Rotation


I have a question that I have been unable to find an answer to through searching and was hoping someone might be able to spread some light.


These are the nodes I have set up to control the spring arm’s rotation in the Pitch and Yaw values. The clamping on the Pitch works fine for my purposes, but I have had issues with clamping any values for the Yaw.
I have the spring arm parented to a static mesh (which is the root). The rotation around the static mesh works fine (allows full 360 rotation), but if I add a clamp (so that the camera can never go above 170/-170 respectively and not perform a full-360), the ‘relative’ rotation values for the spring arm are always World values instead. This means that no matter what way the actor (and/or static mesh inside of actor) is facing, the spring arm will always clamp at 170/-170 in the World, and not respective to the static mesh.

is there something I am doing wrong in regards to setting the spring arm up to use rotation values relative to it’s parent?