Clamp not working how I thought itd work?


I really hope this entertains someone :laughing: As I cant work out what the heck or why its doing it.
Its a manual input, basically pressing 1 key adds 10, 1 key minus 10.
But the clamp is clamping afterwards not before. I assume its because its not allowing it to go past its 100 input. so It ends at 110.

But that means settings all the clamps to allow for the deviation of input which doesnt make sense.

I equally cant get the value range to even work at all.

Thank you for anyone who can shed some light on my brain.

You should clamp after the arithmetic.

You clamp to zero and subtract 10, that’s why you get -10.

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:laughing: :laughing: Ah god dam it. Of course. Thank you!