Clamp all texture sizes at runtime?

Is there a way to improve the texture memory usage prior to run time by clamping the max size of a texture? I’m not wanting to do that through the content browser / texture objects.

googled ue4 global texture mip, first result got me “select all the textures and then under asset actions choose Bulk Edit via Property Matrix and then select whatever settings you wish to apply to them” by user Black Phoenyx

Hmm. Not sure that’s quite what I’m after. I’m trying to avoid editing the properties of the actual, individual textures (bulk edit or not) - trying to find a global override for the max size that I can activate and deactivate across all textures.

Thank you

Take a look at this thread, should work lowering the resolution.

Ahh - this is exactly what I was looking for. Can easily apply then undo through the project configuration. Thank you!