Clamp a slider in UMG to 2 set values (Min and Max) so I can scale between them

If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be great.
The values are -1 to 0.3
and 0.4 to 35

They are clamped in the material but that means some of the slider is unusable

Just rescale the range of the slider when you read the value. The sliders are all 0…1, if you need that remapped to a different range, you do Min + (SliderValue * (Max - Min))

thanks for the answer!
I have a work around now but will use change it because this looks easier!

What do you exacly mean with “Min + (SliderValue * (Max - Min))”

Hot to make “+” “*” etc… is not a problem… but how to find the “min max” value? To multiply it later?
How do i get the value 0 and 1 from the slider?

This is how I did it if anyone is interested