CityEngine similar programs.

Hi guys, I have a question.

You know there is a program that is easy to use and the style of CityEngine?
(My English is not very good. It’s a little bad.)

Ehm, you could use and Blender. Make sure you install the openstreetmap importer plugin into Blender.

But I don’t know how to use the Blender. :frowning:

Is there such a plugin for the Unreal Engine?

As far as I know there is no plugin for the UE4 that allows you to generate a city.
Just take a look at blender and learn the basics, after that you can create your own cities :slight_smile: -> here is a good tutorial series:

I made a recommendation to a few friends who are working on City Generators in Unity3D to port them over to UE4. I know one is working on one right now on one for UE4 but it is still very early.

The first person to make a city generator with allot of artist controls will be making allot of money from the UE4 marketplace :slight_smile:

It takes a lot of time learning Blender. So I need to find another way.

Yes I saw it, but that’s not what I want. I found something else. GhostTown Script v.0.21 Lite Beta for 3ds Max 2011

This is the download address: ghostTown • ghostTown 0.317 Lite Beta

However, I can draw paths manually. I create a building automatically. Then I change the models with the real building.

I’ll try this one. Let’s say there will be.