City Street Props

Hello guys,

I’ve just released the “City Street Props” and it can be purchased on Unreal Marketplace:

City Street Props

**Demo: **[UE4] Marketplace - City Street Props Demo - YouTube

This asset pack contains a lot of customizabile content for a city environment scene.


  • Road Blueprint (number of lanes, 12 types of decals, road marking - broken or solid line)
  • Traffic Light Blueprint(Street Lights, Traffic Lights - 8 types, Pedestrian Traffic Lights, One Way Signs, Spot Lights).
  • Vertex Painting for puddles
  • Each material has a lot of parameters for variations such as brightness, saturation, hue, tint, tint amount, dirt color/intensity/contrast, roughness, specular etc.
  • Physics Simulation for banners/flags.
  • Organized Blueprints.
  • Particle System for flies.