City Sample

Hi, i need help with new world city sample, then i driving vehicle my camera and character blocking speed, like a freezing movement, how can i fix it?
Camera moving under vehicle and controller freezing.

It is a bit hard to see from here. Would you mind providing additional images or steps to reproduce this concern? I have the project open as well but was unable to reproduce them.

maybe its my vcard doing scen loading so dump and i need to change or maybe level streaming glich, first i just start a game and i change only color and optimization, then i get some freezes every second may be its vehicle or another checks from engine or scripts frezes, and now some times i have vehicle glich i just start a game on editor and just siting on a car and driving around 5-10 second and take a glich like vehicle is freezing and camera droping under car and i see good viewes from my camera, its not ok for me some thing working not ok, some times i look youtube video its like a another game not like im download from official launcher, something not work good to me, i have Amd 5700 xt 8gb, AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8-Core Processor 3.60 GHz, 32gb RAM, beta windows 11, i try change some vehicle view distance but its not helpfull, once i take a normal vehicle dryving then i change vehicle view dump twice, like lod0 is range 128-256, lod1 2048, lod2 4096, and my recomendation for next step lod group is sprite group like a debug view but vith on night only vehicle lights and day time like a vehicle static or gif image as sprite, this is can help rendering realistic huge distances, and then its better way to rtx cards then sprits rendering on roads with reflection, and in game i have a 30-40 fps this is huge world for render and i know its a testing rendering product but need some optimizations for this game.