City sample rule processor

Rule processor plugin is only in city sample . Is plan for add this plugin to regural U5 version?

Was also looking for the rule processor since I’m generating instance point clouds in Houdini. Could also only get it by downloading the 100 Gb city sample then fishing it out of the project/plugins folder… We definetly need this plugin to be available by default in UE5.

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I came here looking for more information on the rule processor. It’s sad to see that it is not an actual part of the engine. I have been working on a project I had hoped to use it for.

I was wondering if it would have been something that should be updated & maintained by the Houdini team as part of the HEngine. But I think in this case its completely an unreal engine feature since the rule processor just imports standardised .pbc files, which could be created in any software really.

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At the end of the day, I ended up just creating an hda to read point cloud data.

Actually, why didn’t I think of that lol. Are we able to get objects placed by an HDA to read as instances in UE?

Yes, you can. I got it working and I am not a Houdini guru by any means.

But I can’t decompose the point cloud data of buildings into point clouds of each building in Houdini