City Road Optimization

I have a city pack and I created big city with road parts. My question is what should I do for optimization? Merge all road parts or use hierarchical instanced static mesh or something else?

NOTE: If I don’t use merging actor, there are visible lines on joint point of road parts. If I use merging actor, all meshes will always be drawn, right?

Are you releasing this Citypack on the marketplace?

My understanding is, that for LODing to work, you have to have separate meshes, so your thought is right, that when you merge them they are a single mesh. You should try to make separate meshes that line up perfectly. Whats your process? Manually placing roads and aligning them or are you creating them procedurally?

I am facing the same issue with procedural generation, right now. If I get more knowledge, I’ll let you know. Landscape Splines might be the right option to align static meshes that get “bend” along the spline, and still line up well on the control points.

Sorry for the late reply. I was traveling.

No, I’m trying to make a game that has big city.

Thank you for replying.

I was manually placing roads and I did it. There is no visible line on joint points of road parts, but interesting problem’s appeared when I build lighting. As shown in following image, some shadows are appeared. Interesting part is one part of road has shadow, one part of road hasn’t, and I didn’t get any warnings or errors while building lighting. It looks like a pattern. (There are 3 road parts in the picture)

Thank you for replying.