City Planning via UE4!

Thought I’d share a project we are working on. We created 6 city blocks in UE4, complete with multiple proposed street designs, adjustable traffic & pedestrian system based on actual traffic data, adjustable buildings per zoning code, alternate paving & adjustable dynamic lighting. Everything done so far in under 30 days.

That’s amazing!

Impressive looking!

Very nice!

Perhaps you should be working on the next SimCity :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone! What is really interesting is that because both the cars and people are moving freely based on a set of parameters, you get these random interactions that begin to mimic real life … all of a sudden these natural traffic patterns and conflicts emerge. It’s kind of mesmerizing to watch.

Reducing the car-lanes in the proposed scenario and replacing them with paths for cyclists and pedestrians? No way, except you have a tunnel with 2 more car lanes beneath em!
There will be more cars in the city and we need roads to drive and and spaces to park em.

So I only have one suggestion fix the roundabout movement model because it just doesn’t work like that I know I live with them those death traps during rush hour.

p.s. What exactly did you mean by ‘a project we are working on’?

A plugin, or a game, or simulation or ?


What’s an amazing project. I’m so interesting your city simulation, can you share something about your pedestrian system with me? I want to learn your pedestrian system, I think the people could walk randomly is wonderful!

This is incredibly well done! As an urban planner I can definitely see a use for this technology in demonstrating preferred alternatives to the public. Glad to see people out there making these types of simulations happen! The program in the video looks awesome…and custom made. Without a programming / game development background, its daunting to tackle creating something like this. I’d like to have a pre-made tool that was flexible and simple enough for the non-experts to use (such as myself). I’m sure governments would shell out the cash for a program like that… Like a CityEngine type program with adjustable sliders in real time like you show… anyways great work guys!

I’ll give you my firstborn for that traffic system. Also, how many people were working on it?