City Kit, Drag and Drop buildings with adjustable floor and customisation control

City Kit for the Unreal Marketplace, Download it here - Urban City Shops, Modular Asset Kit in Environments - UE Marketplace

Here is a City Kit for the Unreal Engine Marketplace. The city is totally modular with drag and drop buildings with adjustable floors and 20 changeable shop signs by way of a slider, there is also window customisation tick boxes.

The mega-pack that contains over 300 items that you can use to create an urban city. It also has traffic lights with all the materials to be able to adjust them. Drag and drop road kits, street lights for night and day, road markings, pot holes, damage decals, water, gas and electric pipes, static walls and much more.

I look forward to creating more high quality optimised game assets packs, if you have any thoughts, feedback or ideas I would love to hear them.

For any model related questions feel free to PM or post below.

Have a nice day.

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I used Unreal’s construction script to help automate the city with drag and drop shops with adjustable shop names on a slider, tick box window frames and more.

I have had so many ideas while building this kit and I look forward to expermenting with it with some more but for now I am calling this done.


Very pleased to announce that Epic Games approved my Marketplace content and it’s now live and can be downloaded here