City Downtown Pack


I have been working for a while on this project and finally the pack is available on Unreal Marketplace:…-downtown-pack




•** Meshes:**

  1. 48 props objects (traffic lights, flags, hydrant, newspaper machine etc.)

  2. 111 modular pieces for buildings + 32 borders/deco for buildings

  3. 22 decal meshes/road modular/walkside modular

  4. 6 other meshes

• Most of materials has: basecolor, normal and a OcclusionRoughnessMetallic/ OcclusionRoughnessMetallicHeight packed texture (R-Occlusion, B-Roughness, G-Metallic, A-Height).

23 master materials (very easy to customize) ,127 material instances, 1 Material Parameter Collection and 2 Material Functions.

• Presentation scene and the demonstration scene are included.

4 Particles System

172 Textures sizes from 256x256 to 4096x4096 (most of them 4k) .

7 blueprints (Building Modular Piece, Roof, Low-Poly Building, Banners, Road, Traffic Light, Walkside) and a** Editor Utility Widget** ( Building Construction Tool – a procedural)

Collision: Yes, some of them imported, others automatically generated.

Number of Meshes: 219