City Day / Night cycle

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all going well!

For the purpose of a project, I will have to create a realistic day / night cycle driven by a slidebar. As my main environment will be a city (such as NYC), I am thinking about the best way to achieve it.

My main idea would be to start with the day / night cycle tool included in UE4 and fire events from it but I am still wondering if it won’t be too heavy as we will have to deal with a lot of actors that will interact together…

Here is a short non-exhaustive list of what need to change with this day / night cycle :

  • sun light / skylight
  • car lights
  • street lights
  • buildings lights
  • windows lights
  • population
  • audio

What would be the best way to bind everything together without exploding the CPU?

Have you already face this kind of situation? Do you have any recommandations, plugins, tips?

Thank you in advance!