City building game

Well if anyone is working on city building game, can anyone help me with it that how can it be created

I allways found it the best way to learn new stuff is to follow tutorials and then redo them with your on twist, try to make it abit more complex. That way you useally figure out the answers for yourself, and probly get a better understanding on why to do something in a certain way instead of following instructions blindly.

Best of luck! I’m new to this allso.


Start with the basics, how to make a little building grow in to a sky scraper.

Start with a small BSP, let us say a cube and make 5 different ones of different sizes. Do not worry too much about the looks for now.

Work our variables that will control whether is gets bigger or smaller, for now that could just be “T” and “Y”.

Once you have got it growing bigger or smaller, try to work in a variable that would control this, like happiness or income.

Then apply that. When you have that, you blueprint can then be copied and placed many times and they should all grow and shrink according to you variables.

Just get the bascis working first.