City Background - lighting - HELP!

Guys and Girls

i have struggled with trying to make this work in my project of an interior scene. These guys seemed to do it flawlessly. is there any tutorial on this??

I have a set of windows on one side of my scene (VR) and want to look out to a specific City image… i have tried just a large mesh and scaled the high res image. it looks great but doesnt work once i build lighting since it blocks the sun.

Is there a way to make the light pass through the block and material? I want the big mesh there, i want it to be transparent to light. Help please! :slight_smile:


Make sure the material you are using is set to Unlit, and plug your texture image into the emissive channel. If you make a plane, or sphere mesh to put your image onto, make sure the normals are facing inwards. Also there is an option in the editor to uncheck “cast shadows”

That should solve your problems!

Thanks, i actually found that i needed to make the material translucent as well!