City Apartment: Archviz project


I have just completed my latest Archviz project, please find link below. Please let me know what you guys think. I’m still struggling with my interior/exterior lighting and multiple Post Process Volumes and some material definitions.


My problems with this project are that everything looks flat, there are no contact shadows for furniture, everything looks like it is floating. Scenery lacks depth, how do I make materials look more realistic,? Sorry I am still a beginner, does it have to do with height maps? Lighting is also a massive problem I have. I’ve followed so many tutorials and tried to set my World Settings, Lightmass settings, which are :

Static lighting : 0.3
Nu of indirect lighting bounces: 20
Indirect Lighting Quality: 10.0
Indirect Lighting smoothing: 1.0

Skylight Intensity: 0.3

I am lighting with Auto Exposure on in Post Process Volume, settings:

Min birghtness: 2.0
Max brightness: 20
Exposure Bias : 2.5

I’ve read that to get good contact shadows on my assets I must change my point light settings, but I don’t have any artificial lights in my scene, everything is naturally light, just using Skylight and Post Process Volume.

I need to light my scene so it looks as realistic as possible.

Any help would be great. Thanks