City Alley

So ive finally finished school & i have time to start putting into 3D & environment creation.

Making this scene for me is completely for learning purposes & possibly a portfolio piece if it does come out nicely
So what im wanting to create is a cyberpunk street/ alley scene & i just really like the cyberpunk aesthetic so its what i want to go with,
i found a place in new york called staple street & to me i think it would look good adapted for a cyberpunk scene so i am going to base my layout heavily on that street with some adaptations here & there.

Here is the initial blockout & included in the post is the moodboard i am using whilst modelling & setting the layout for the scene & i am adding to this whenever i find something that i think suits.

also if anyone has any advice regarding night time lighting & how it should be done correctly to look authentic please let me know :slight_smile:

I understand it is not much to look at, at the moment but i will be updating this post with progress once all main assets are modelled & in place.