Citadel VR


This is a personal project in photogrammetry, the scene was created in photoscan and rendered in 3DS Max using vray and octane for a 360 vr, I am in the process of converting it to a full vr experience and thought I would share some w.i.p screen captures, the first 3 images are from UE and the rest are 3D renders for comparison, the 360 renders are available if anyone is interested, comments or feedbacks are welcomed, thank you.

Very nice work :slight_smile:

I’m wondering, how do you get proper normalmaps out of photos?

Thanks :slight_smile:

The textures were exported from photoscan and then used photoshop to create normal maps, I also tried xnormal to generate normal maps as well. However, the model is close to 5 million polys and retains a lot of detail at such high count. I will be adding exterior scenes and will need to reduce the poly count and work further to enhance the normal maps, I will upload more pics and a video capture once I build the rest of the location.

Looking forward to seeing it ingame