CISW3D - 3D Architectural & Engineering Designer

**Skillset(s):**Architectural & Engineering Designer

o 12 years’ architecture Regs and Planning.
o 5 years Engineering design and build mechanical.
o 17 years concepting using 3D Cad

Previous Work:
Presently the Director and Designer of CISWltd working on concepting, design and prototyping. Visualizations and working towards architectural and mechanical engineering interactive projects using Blender and UE4.
Last employed work ended in July 2015.
Worked as a production planning engineer and then started to work on more design and business improvements projects, given a brief and providing concept solutions to directors for sign off to progress into final design and build.
Also working on a Degree in Design and Innovation with The Open University


E-mail: or

Additional Information:
o I am based Nr Exeter, Devon, UK
o I am looking for up to 5 days a week but could start low and work up to it.
o I have a home studio so looking to work remote.
o I am new to UE4 with only 6 months use of the software but have built levels, design objects like weapons and other props, I am also able to design using my own licensed version of Solidworks 2016 for engineering projects with export to Blender and then import to UE4 as this is the pipeline I use for some of my own projects to learn the software.
Software Use:

  • UE4
  • AutoCAD Revit
  • 3d Studio Max
  • Blender
  • Solidworks

I am looking to move from my existing work area into the use of UE4, Blender and other software to produce Interactive scenes/Levels for Architecture and Mechanical engineering as a way to market and show clients their products to their customers in a more interactive and understandable way, and looking for clients/work in this area with an understanding that all though I have the skills in both architecture and engineering design, I am new in the use of UE4 so would be looking at a reduced wage/hr rate that reflects this.

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