Circular throbber not animating

This is very minimal compared to my latest questions but i’ve seen this circular throbber on peoples loading screens and even watched an implementation video on it…and it just animated on its own but in my game its frozen.

I saw somewhere something about problems with load level nodes causing it to freeze…is this a 4.9 issue that never got solved?

It’s not an “issue” as much as a reality based on how things work. The throbbers can only throb if the main thread isn’t blocked. If you load a level with the standard OpenLevel approach, you’re running a blocking operation - and there will be no throbbing of any sort. To avoid blocking you have to use streaming levels instead.

You shouldn’t use Level Streaming only for Loading Screen.

Check on Nick Darnell’s Loading Screen Plugin for it, or there is some tutorial(with Media Player i think that use his own thread) with minimum c++ to achieve this
Plugin : GitHub - ue4plugins/LoadingScreen: A plugin for Unreal Engine 4 to expose simple controls for managing load screens.