Circular array placement of meshes

Hi, I have what is essentially a curved floor roof and wall sections in my map that needs to be made up of small rectangular plates. They need to be kept as single plates for gameplay reasons later on.

I have been trying to find any tools within the editor that would allow me to place 50 of these rectangular plates in a circular ring without having to copy rotate and place each one, then copy that 50 times in say the x direction.

Are there any built in editor tools to do this? Basically like the Array tool in blender.

And assuming I want to keep poly counts down I assume I may alwant to be duplicating one instance of the plate multiple times to get my 50 x 50 plates - is that the best way to go and would I do this in a blueprint?


That is just what I was looking for thanks, I would have thought this functionality would come as part of the engine.

Can anyone help as to my other question - Do I want to look at generating these with a blueprint as instanced meshes or do I just create them as individual static meshes? From my reading I think it may be better as individual so they can be culled when needed.