Circuits and Shields Writing Contest (1-2 pages) - $100 in total rewards!

Hi all,

A quick about us: Circuits and Shields is an upcoming indie MOBA project that’s a “couple” months away from Kickstarter. We have one final writing piece that we want to get in before Kickstarter and we thought a great way to do it would be a community contest.

The short of it is that we’re looking to do a journal/diary entry style piece that sets up the new world the game takes place in. We’re expecting no more than 1-2 pages so you should be able to knock it out in an afternoon. The winner will receive $50 via Paypal as well as $50 Kickstarter rewards (to be awarded when that takes place). Additionally, there’s a high chance you’d be brought on after Kickstarter to keep developing lore entries.

I’ve written an entire prompt that provides you exactly what we’re looking for and all the necessary details of our universe. I would NOT stray too far from this formula without clearing it with me first.

All the details, including my contact info and our Discord can be found at:…it?usp=sharing

Look forward to seeing what the community comes up with!