Circuits and Shields - Searching for Concept Artist for one-off MOBA Champion Skin

Circuits and Shields ( is a few months from Kickstarter and I’m looking to do a quick reward skin concept art for one of our champions. I don’t have a great idea on what I want to do, so I’m mostly going to leave it up to the artist or the community to pick (you’re welcome to join our Discord and bounce ideas).

The skin will be for the champion Ink. . Again, no real direction on exactly what we want to do, but you can check out our other characters and see our general style.

Just to be 100% transparent, I am not paying more than $200 for this concept. I know it’s low, but we’re incredibly stretched for budget right now and I just can’t go much higher. I do have the PSD for the original Ink so it should save you some time. Shoot me an email with your portfolio and some ideas on maybe where you want to take this and we’ll go from there. If you’re not familiar with the idea of skins, it’s basically an alternate outfit for the champion, here’s some good examples: Champion skins for League of Legends :: League of Legends Skins on MOBAFire

Skype: CThomlison