Circuits and Shields (MOBA) - Hiring Tech Artist or Programmer for FPS Analysis and Optimization

Circuits and Shields ( is looking to hire a single Tech Artist or Programmer for some consultative work. We’re currently experiencing some pretty bad FPS spikes and drops during our games and we need some optimization and investigation done to find out why. (We’re also experiencing some Client/Server desyncs but that is likely a separate issue that may not fall under this work). A lot of our VFX, Models, and sound seem to be tanking FPS regularly as well as a large FPS drop on a certain part of our map. There’s also a major spike that drops us down to 2-3 FPS every now and then but we’re unable to pinpoint it.

I’m expecting 5-10 hours of work and optimization to try to get us to a better state. The game functions beautifully outside these FPS drops so would love for someone to come in and get us working at full speed. I put Tech Artist and Programmer because I’m not sure who would be best for this, open to anyone with demonstrated experience with optimization like this.

Skype: CThomlison
Discord: cthomlison#2648

This is a paid position and I’m looking for extremely high-quality considering the state of the game. It’s pretty rare you get to work on a game already in Alpha testing ( so this is a great opportunity for some extra cash and high-level experience.