Circuits and Shields (MOBA) - Hiring one C++ Dev for final push to Alpha release

We’re coming close to Kickstarter and we’re falling a bit behind in the code department as one of our guys has been insanely busy with his full-time gig. I’d like to hire one more programmer to help work out some bugs. Most bugs are champion related but there’s a few general gameplay ones. This is almost entirely C++ work.

I’d guess minimum 15-20 hours a week for a bit, but you can put in as much time as you want so long as things keep getting fixed.

This is a paid position and a super solid project to work on (in my humble opinion). We’ve got a decent sized discord community going and we even had 300 applicants to our Alpha testing program recently, so if you’re wanting to work on a project where you can actually see the fruits of your labor, this might be it.

Skype: CThomlison
Discord: cthomlison#2648
Email: [EMAIL=“”]

You can check out and for more info about us.


Hi, I am interested. Leave me a message if you still need help.

Bump as this position is back open.