Circuits and Shields (MOBA) - Hiring one C++ Dev for extra replay functionality help

Circuits and Shields ( is looking for an extra C++ Dev to help take care of some extra features regarding our replay system. It’s currently functional and in-place, however, there’s some bugs with it and extra pieces I want to add. Basically, a game starts and we can record it, and then to watch the replay, we open up a menu and open the file it saved. We can that play/pause throughout the replay and free camera around (mainly used so we can put together gameplay videos/trailers). I asked our lead dev what it involves and this was his response:

“Yeah, it uses the base functions from Unreal but tied into our system using the UI and command console. It is networked, the replay system seems to require replication to work. It also only works in stand-alone so that’s the only real way to test it. It’s not overly complicated, most of it just a re-implementation of the UE4 replay functionality but set up to work with our controller. Expanding it should be fairly easy depending on what features you want to add.”

This is a paying position and an advanced project that is fairly far along in the pipeline, so we’re taking this very seriously. I expect it to take 15-20 hours if I had to guess, maybe less.

Skype: CThomlison
Discord: cthomlison#2648


We’ve recently upgraded from 4.16 to 4.22 and I’m looking for someone for this position again to get us caught up (since my lead is bogged down with other upgrade bugs). Really hoping to get this replay system working ASAP, so hit me up and let’s figure out a payment that can make this happen.



I have added you on skype.