Circuits and Shields (MOBA) - Hiring Community Manager / Marketer / Media Guru

Hi all,

Circuits and Shields ( is finally getting serious and I’m looking to hire a reliable Community Manager and Marketing guru to help us start spreading the word. We’ve got a medium-size Discord server of ~900 people, but engagement is low and we could be doing a way better job. We have a mailing list of 600 and I haven’t sent to it in like 3 months. TLDR: I’m terrible at this stuff.

I’m looking to hire someone who can take over advertising duties and community engagement. Posting in indie dev facebook groups, Reddit, gamedev forums, Twitter engagement, etc. Everybody always think they’re good at this job until they actually have to do it and realize it’s not all fun and games, so I’d really prefer someone with somewhat of a proven track record doing work like this.

Is this paid? Yeah, sure. That being said, it is extremely hard to quantify value on this and I am broke as hell from paying for art and programming. I would not apply for this job if you’re doing it for the money. I think it’s an absolute joke when people say “You will get so much exposure”, but unfortunately, that’s the reality we are in. That being said, we are a VERY serious indie project with an extremely high level of quality. You aren’t advertising some $1,000 indie game with stick figures and we’re heading into what I’m hoping will be a very big Kickstarter, so the experience and resume fodder of something like this actually may be worth it to someone trying to break into the industry. You help lead a $100,000 Kickstarter campaign and all of the sudden lots of people may come knocking on your virtual door. I also can’t help but mention someone like Phreak who did work like this for LoL in the early stages and became a prominent figure, obviously that’s a great option as well if you stuck around post-Kickstarter (from a position perspective, not RevShare/Royalties, we don’t do that for anyone)

I don’t expect some long resume with a history of doing this, but some type of mod experience, Twitter account, i.e. some form of proof that you are going to know how to bring us players is huge to me. This is a part-time job and I’m only expecting 5-10 hours a week here, so maybe it’s your side-gig while you’re trying to get into gamedev full-time. You’ll also have my full support in terms of assets and updates.

Check out our website, VODs of twitch streams (, and our Discord (

f it’s something that interests you, send your resume or portfolio to [EMAIL=“”]


Bumping as we’re still looking for this.

Hi Chandler!

Can’t believe I’ve only just found this! I’ve sent an email to the address listed above. Starting next week I’m available to help more games and would love a shot at joining the Circuits and Shields team.

Looking forward to hearing from you,